Working Principle of Air Separator


The air separator uses the same principle as the cyclone separator. However, for size separation of fine material cyclone separator alone is not efficient. For such separations, an airstream combined with centrifugal force is used. The finer particles are entrained by the air and the coarser particles are thrown by centrifugal force, which falls into the bottom.

Construction of Air Separator:

  • The Air separator consists of a cylindrical vessel having a feed inlet at the upper part of the vessel. The base is conical. A rotating disc and rotating blades are fitted on a shaft placed at the center of the vessel. Two outlets are provided at the base of the vessel: one is for the finer particles and the other for coarse or heavy particles.

Working of Air Separator:

  • The feed (powder) enters the center of the vessel through the feed inlet. The admitted feed falls on the rotating blade and the rotating disc. The rotating disc produces an air jet in the direction indicated in the diagram. The fine particles are collected by the air stream and brought into the space of the settling chamber, where the air velocity is sufficiently reduced so that the fine particles fall out and are eliminated through the fine particle outlet. Particles too heavy to be collected by the air stream are removed at the outlet of coarse particles.
  • The main features of Air separator are ease of installation, the rotor speed is adjustable, high production capacity. airflow can be adjusted and easy to maintain.

Pharmaceutical Applications:

  • Air Separator is used for the separation of dry powders in micron-sized that could not be separated by traditional sieves.
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