Application of Minitab

Application of Minitab: Minitab is statistical analysis software developed in 1972 at the Pennsylvania State University. This is designed essentially for the six sigma professionals to give an effective solution for statistical analysis in most six sigma projects. Minitab is simple, effective for input or manipulating the statistical data, identifying trends and patterns, and easily finding the solutions to the current issues. It is very useful software for industry and research for the implementation of six sigma projects. It provides standard statistical methods, regression, correlation, multivariable analysis, quality control charts, life cycle, and reliability analysis, design of experiments (DOE), non-parametric estimation process capability analysis, etc. It is also used to prepare data in simple form and to visualize the data in simple graphical output, scatter plots, box plots, histograms, etc.

Minitab has two main types of files such as projects and worksheets. Projects are made up of commands, graphs, and worksheets. Worksheets are files that are made up of data and spreadsheets containing variables of data. There are four areas in the Minitab screen as the Menu bar, the Toolbar, the Session Window, and the Worksheet window. Immediately after the opening of Minitab, it is visible two windows such as the Session window and worksheet window. The session window is the area that displays the statistical results of data analysis. Worksheet window contains the grid of rows and columns used to enter and manipulate the data. Typically, each column contains the data for one variable with one observation in each row.

Minitab also offers screening designs, factorial designs, response surface designs, mixture designs, and Taguchi robust designs. It also provides several analytical tools and graphs tools to interpret the results.

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