Assay of Hydrogen Peroxide

Assay of Hydrogen Peroxide by Permanganometry

Aim: To perform the assay of hydrogen peroxide by permanganometry. 


  • Apparatus: Beaker, Funnel, Pipette, Burrette. 
  • Chemicals: Hydrogen peroxide, Potassium permanganate. 

Monograph: Hydrogen peroxide solution (20 Vol)

Molecular Weight 34.0 

Hydrogen peroxide solution (6 percent); Dilute hydrogen peroxide solution.

Hydrogen peroxide solution (20 Vol) is an aqueous solution of hydrogen peroxide. It may contain a suitable stabilizing agent. 

Hydrogen peroxide solution (20 Vol) contains not less than 5.0 percent w/v and not more than 7.0 percent w/v of H2O2, corresponding to about 20 times its volume of available oxygen. 

Category: Antiseptic; deodorant. 

Description: A clear, colorless liquid; odorless. It decomposes in contact with oxidizable organic matter and with certain metals and also if allowed to become alkaline. 


(A) Standardisation of potassium permanganate:  Preparation of potassium permanganate (0.02 M): Dissolve 158 × 2 i.e. 3.2 g of potassium permanganate in 900 ml of water heating in a water bath for 1 hour. Cooling,  filtering through sintered glass, filter, add sufficient water to produce 1000 ml. 

Procedure: To 25 ml of solution in glass stoppered flask add 2g of potassium iodide followed by 10 ml of 1 M sulphuric acid. Titrate the liberated iodine with 0.1 M sodium thiosulphate using 3 ml of starch solution added towards the end of titration as an indicator.  Perform blank determination and make necessary corrections.  Each ml of 0.02 M KMnO4 is equivalent to 0.003791 g of sodium thiosulphate. 

(B) Assay:  To 1.0 ml add 20 ml of sulphuric acid and titrate with 0.02 M potassium permanganate.  1 ml of 0.02 M potassium permanganate is equivalent to 0.001701 g of H2O2 or 0.56 ml of oxygen.

Observation table: (Standardization)

Sr. No.ParametersReading
1.Burette solutionSodium thiosulphate 
2.Conical flask solutionPotassium iodide 
4.EndpointYellow to blue
Burette reading B.R (ml)Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3Average (BR)

Observation table: (Assay)

Sr. No.ParametersReading
1.Burette solutionPotassium permanganate
2.Conical flask solutionSulphuric acid, hydrogen peroxide
3.IndicatorPotassium permanganate
4.EndpointColorless to pink
Burette reading B.R (ml)Trial 1Trial 2Trial 3Average (BR)

Result: The% purity of hydrogen peroxide is …….

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