How 0.1 M ceric ammonium nitrate is prepared?

Ceric Ammonium Nitrate (0.1 M) 

Molecular formula: (NH4)2Ce (NO3)6 

Molecular weight: 548.26 

Shake a solution containing 56 mL of H2SO4 and 54.82 g of ceric ammonium nitrate for  2 minutes and carefully add five successive quantities, each of 100 mL of water, shaking after each addition. Dilute the clear solution to 1000 mL with water. 

Standardization: After 10 days standardize the solution as per the procedure described under 0.1M ceric ammonium sulfate. 


2Ce4+ + H3AsO3 + H2O → 2Ce3+ + H3AsO4 + 2H+ 

Ce(IV) + [Fe(II) (o-phen)3] → Ce(III) + [Fe(III) (o-phen)3

Ce+4 + Fe+2 Ce+3 + Fe+3

Factor Calculation: 

4 Ce+4 ≅ As2O3 

4 moles of (NH4)2Ce (NO3)6 ≅ 1 mole of arsenic trioxide 

4000 mL of 1M (NH4)2Ce (NO3)6 ≅ 197.81 g of As2O3 

1 mL of 0.1 M (NH4)2Ce (NO3)6 ≅ 0.004946 g of As2O3

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