Components of Linctuses

Linctuses are viscous, liquid, oral preparations that are usually prescribed for the relief of cough.  Linctuses are used for the treatment of cough. 

Components of Linctuses

Active ingredients: They contain sedatives and expectorants. 


  • Syrup IP – (67% w/w or 85% w/v sucrose solution) has a sweet taste, has a preservative action, viscous. 
  • Glycerol – Has demulcent action, sweet. 
  • Sorbitol – Used in preparations for diabetic patients, viscous. 
  • Invert syrup – Sweet and viscous. 


Chemical stabilizers: Invert sugar has reducing action. This reduces the oxidative degradation of various colors and flavors. Hence color and flavors of fruit juices are better preserved in invert syrup. 

Coloring agents: Coal tar dyes 

  • e.g. Amaranth – red color. 
  • e.g. Compound tartrazine solution – yellow color. 

Flavoring agents: 

  • e.g. Tolu Syrup, Fruit flavors like lemon, and black current. 
  • e.g. Benzaldehyde Spirit – has an almond-like flavor. 

Preservatives: Syrup (67% w/w) has high osmotic pressure and hence acts as a self-preservative. Other preservatives used are Chloroform spirit or Benzoic acid solution, etc. 

Examples of Linctuses: 

  1. Codeine linctus, pediatric B.P.C.
  2. Codeine linctus, Diabetic. 
  3. Diamorphine linctus.
  4. Compound tolu linctus, pediatric.
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