How to Make Herbal Anti-Wrinkle Cream?

Aim: To prepare, evaluate and submit Herbal anti-wrinkle cream. 

Requirements: Beakers, Water bath, Stirrer, and Suitable container.

Chemicals: Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol, Mineral oil, Lanolin, Glycerin, Tea, Perfume, Sodium benzoate, and Water. 

Formulation Consideration: Herbal Anti-wrinkle cream is a skincare formulation that helps to remove dead skin cells, fine lines, and wrinkles leaving the skin fresh and young. 

Aloe vera: Aloe Vera helps to reduce scarring and when properly applied over time, can lessen the unsightly “age spots” that appear on skin that has been over-exposed to the sun and UV rays. It is a natural skin block that maintains moisture levels. It nourishes skin keeping it smooth, soft, and supple. Aloe vera juice is a slightly viscous and clear liquid used in many cosmetic products. It possesses good moisturizing properties and anti-inflammatory properties. It also increases the removal of dead tissues due to aloctine, a content that stimulates macrophage production. It is also used in the treatment of burns and wounds. 

It is believed that metallic ions present in the aloe vera juice act as a catalyst and contribute to color changes. The metal ion most prevalent in aloe vera is copper. Suitable metal scavengers like sodium EDTA are added. Sodium meta bi-sulfite is added to prevent oxidation of Aloe vera juice. 


Sr.No. Ingredients Quantity Given For 100 gQuantity Taken For 20 g 
 1Stearic acid10% 
 2Cetyl alcohol2% 
 3Mineral oil12% 
 7Aloe-vera juice5% 
 10Waterq.s 100%  
 11Vitamin E0.6%  


  1. In a beaker take Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol, Mineral oil, and Lanolin and heat (60-  70°C).
  2. In another beaker take glycerin, Tea, and Aloe vera juice. 
  3. Take the third beaker to it add Na-benzoate and water and heat up to 60-70°C or till a homogenous mix is formed. 
  4. Add the oil phase (Beaker 1) to the water phase (Beaker 3) at 40-45°C. Then add Aloe juice and tea. 
  5. Add perfume mix properly and dispense in a wide-mouth container. 
  6. The label should indicate the concentration of active and direction. 

Label: For external use only. 

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. 

Packaging: In a wide-mouth glass bottle. 

Use: Removes wrinkles, and dullness of the skin. It helps relax skin wrinkles and fine lines for hydrated, younger-looking skin. 

Directions: Squeeze a small quantity on the palm and gently apply it to the face and neck in a circular motion. 

Evaluation Tests: 

Sr.  No. TestObservation 
 7Type of Emulsion 
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