How to Make Cleansing Milk?

Aim: To prepare, evaluate and submit cleansing milk.

Requirements:  Beaker, Stirrer, Water bath, Mortar, Pestle, and Suitable container. 

Chemicals:  Mineral oil (Liquid Paraffin), Cetyl alcohol, Stearic acid, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, perfume, and water. 

Formulation Consideration:  Cleansing milk helps to clean the skin and remove makeup from the skin. Water also has cleansing action but cannot work alone as it is difficult to wet dirt and fat. Water removes water-soluble materials and the oil-soluble matter is removed by mineral oil. It is a w/o type of emulsion. Triethanolamine forms in situ soap with Stearic acid. Cetyl alcohol acts as a stabilizer and gives the body cleansing milk. 


Sr.  No. IngredientsQuantity Given (gm) Quantity Taken 
1Mineral oil10 
2Cetyl alcohol0.5  
3Stearic acid3 
8Waterq.s. 100 gm  


  1. Heat mineral oil (Liquid Paraffin) Cetyl alcohol, and Stearic acid in a beaker at 70°C and also heat the aqueous phase in another beaker at the same temperature. 
  2. Add aqueous phase to oily phase with constant stirring, triturate in mortar and pestle if necessary. 
  3. Add perfume at 45°C, pour into a suitable container, and submit. 

Label: For external use only. 

Storage: Store in a cool place. Shake well before use.

Packaging: Slender bottle (preferably transparent with a narrow mouth). 

Use: Cleansing agent to remove dirt and make-up. 

Direction: Apply gently with fingertips in a circular upward motion and wipe with damp cotton or tissue. 

Quality Evaluation Test: 

Sr. No.TestObservations
5Nature of film  
8Emulsion type  
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