How to Make Herbal Lipstick?

Aim: To prepare, evaluate and submit herbal lipstick. 

Requirements:  Ice, Lipstick molds, Beaker, Water bath, Scraper, and Lipstick container. 

Chemicals:  Niger oil, Kokum Butter, Beeswax, Ripe fruit powder of shikakai, Turmeric powder,  Strawberry Essence, Lemon juice, and Vanilla essence. 

Formulation Consideration:  Colouring lips is an ancient practice that dates back to the prehistoric period. In present days the use of products has increased and the choice of shades of colors, textures, and lustrous,  have been changed and become wider. This can be observed from the fact that lipstick is marketed in hundreds of shades of color to satisfy the demand for women. Due to various adverse effects of available synthetic preparation, the present work was conceived by us to formulate an herbal lipstick having minimal or no side effects which will extensively use by the women of our communities with great surety and satisfaction. 

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place. 


Sr.No. IngredientsQuantity Given (gm) Quantity Taken 
1Niger oil51 
2Kokum butter13 
4Ripe fruit of shikakai8.5 
5Turmeric powder12 
6Strawberry essence1.0 
7Lemon juice0.5 
8Vanilla essenceq.s 


1. Clean the lipstick mold and lubricate it with a soap solution. 

2. Keep it inverted in a freezer or on ice. Take turmeric powder on butter paper to it add shikakai, and pass through 100 mesh sieve. 

3. Take the color mixture in a beaker and levigate with part of Niger oil. Take beeswax,  kokum butter, antioxidants, and remaining castor oil in another beaker.

4. Heat on the water bath, heat the color blend in the water bath at the same temperature and add the oil phase to the color blend. 

5. Pour the melted mass over the molds (previously lubricated and chilled) and allow them to set. Trim the excess base and remove the lipstick from the mold and fix it in the holder. Pass the lipstick through the flame.

 Label: Shade number or shade name.

Storage: Store in a cool place. Away from heat. 

Packaging: Each Lipstick shall be packed in a metallic or plastic lipstick holder. 

Use: To color the lip and protect lips from the external environment and natural nutrients that keep lips healthy. 

Directions: Pick up the lipstick and apply the color, starting at the center of the upper lip and moving outward toward one corner. 

Evaluation Table: 

3Melting point  
4Thixotropy character  
5Force of application  
6Breaking point  
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