How to Make Vanishing Cream?

Aim: To prepare, evaluate and submit vanishing cream. 

Requirements: Beaker, Water bath, Stirrer, Suitable container. 

Chemicals: Stearic acid, KOH, Glycerin, Perfume, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Water. 

Formulation Consideration: Vanishing cream are designed to spread easily and disappear rapidly when they are rubbed on the skin. It is usually an o/w emulsion. These creams leave a dry tacky residual film.  This film also has a drying effect on the skin. Such creams are suitable for hot climates. KOH reacts with stearic acid to give potassium stearate (in-situ soap formation) which acts as an emulgent. KOH neutralizes only 20-30% of the free acid of stearic acid. So that remaining forms a major fraction of the oily phase. When applied to the skin, it disappears since stearic acid melts and re-crystalizes into a gel-like invisible non-greasy layer. Stearic acid also imparts an attractive appearance to the product. Thus cream can be defined as a suspension of stearic acid in a gel of stearate soap (Hydrogel suspension). 


Sr.No.IngredientsQuantity givenQuantity Taken
1Stearic acid17 gm 
2KOH0.7 gm  
3Glycerin5 gm  
5Methylparaben0.18 gm  
6Propylparaben0.02 gm  
7Waterq.s. to 100 gm  


  1. Weigh stearic acid and Propylparaben in a beaker. Heat it to 60-70°C. 
  2. Dissolve Methylparaben in boiling water and then dissolve KOH in water in another beaker. 
  3. Add glycerin. Heat it to the same temperature. Add aqueous phase to oily phase with constant stirring. 
  4. Remove the burner. Stir till it comes to 40°C. Add perfume and transfer to a tarred container.

Label: For External Use only. 

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Keep out of reach of children.  Packaging: Packed in a wide-mouth bottle. 

Use: Moistens and cleans the skin and also as a makeup remover. 

Directions: Apply a thin layer on the face and leave for 2 to 3 minutes and wipe with tissue paper to remove make-up or use as directed by a physician. 

Precautions: If irritation persists discontinue use. 

Evaluation Table: 

3Nature of film  
7Type of emulsion  
9Washability Marketed 
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