Preparation of Iodine Paint

Aim: To prepare and submit 100 ml of Iodine paint. 

Requirements: Distilled water, Beaker, Measuring cylinder, KI, Iodine, Ethanol, peppermint oil, Glycerin, etc. 

Theory: Iodine paint is a throat paint and throat paints are viscous liquid preparations used for mouth and throat infections. They are applied using a brush. Glycerin is present in large amounts and commonly used as a base, because being vicious, it adheres to mucous membrane for a long period. 


IngredientsStandard formula 
KI2.5 gm 
Iodine1.25 gm 
Alcohol4 ml 
Peppermint oil0.4 ml 
Water2.5 ml 
Glycerine100 ml 


  1. Weigh the required amount of KI in water. 
  2. Add weighed iodine to it. 
  3. Then add 2 ml of glycerin. 
  4. Mix the peppermint oil and ethanol in another beaker. 
  5. Mix the solution of both beakers in a single container. 
  6. Make up the volume up to 20 ml. 
  7. The iodine paint is ready. 

Category: Antiseptic. 

Storage: Store in a well-closed container and keep in a cool place. 


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