How do you make lithium methoxide (0.1M)?

Lithium Methoxide (0.1M)

Molecular formula: LiOCH3 

Molecular weight: 37.97 

Preparation: Dissolve in a small portion of 0.7 g of freshly cut lithium metal under cool conditions in 100 mL of methanol. After completion of reaction add 850 mL of toluene. Add a sufficient amount of methanol to get a clear solution of 1000 mL. Store the solution in a  container well protected from carbon dioxide and moisture. 

Standardization: Weigh accurately about 0.25 g of benzoic acid, dissolve in 25 mL of dimethyl-formamide, add 0.1 mL thymol blue in dimethyl formamide as an indicator and titrate with lithium methoxide solution to give blue color as the endpoint. Perform a blank determination and make any necessary corrections. 


Factor Calculation: 

1 mole of LiOCH3 ≅ 1 mole of benzoic acid 

1000 mL of 1M LiOCH3 ≅ 122.12 g of C6H6COOH 

1 mL of 0.1 M LiOCH3 ≅ 0.01221 g of C6H6COOH

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