Moisture Meter

A moisture meter is a novel capacitive device for measuring the hydration of the stratum corneum. The capacitor ‘plates’ are formed by the probe material and the well-conducting epidermal-dermal skin layers, while the dry layer of stratum corneum acts as an ‘insulator’ of the capacitor. Due to this measurement principle, the measurement depth is not constant but equal to the thickness of the dry layer of the stratum corneum. The Moisture meter is a more sensitive device than the Corneometer and is independent of added salt in the formulations.

Applications of Moisture Meter

  • The hydration measurement is the basic measurement for all bio-medical and cosmetic applications.
  • Ideal instrument for the formulation, claim support, and efficacy testing of all cosmetics and skincare products (personal care, irritation research, soaps and cleansers,  occlusive product development), raw materials, pharmaceuticals, household products,  detergents, food supplements, and many more.
  • Useful in dermatological research.
  • Finds application in occupational health to underline the importance of skin protection measures.
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