How to Make Nail Lacquer Remover?

Aim: To prepare, evaluate and submit nail lacquer remover. 

Requirements: Test tube, Beaker, Glass mortar, Suitable container. 

Chemicals: Ethyl acetate, Ethanol, Acetone, Water. 

Formulation Consideration: It is usually a mixture of solvents like acetone, ethyl acetate, etc. These volatile solvents cause dehydration and remove natural fat from the nail. To this solvent mixture, fatty material like castor oil can also be added in a small amount, to reduce dehydration caused by solvents. 

A blend of acetone, ethyl acetate, and butyl acetate along with ethanol reduces dehydration to some extent. Water acts as a vehicle. 


Sr.No.IngredientsQuantity Given % v/v Quantity Taken 
1Ethyl acetate43 

Procedure:  Mix all the ingredients in a beaker and transfer immediately to narrow-mouth containers. 

Label: For external use only. Apply with cotton. Keep away from the flame. Replace the cap tightly after use. 

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. 

Packaging: Packed in a suitable container with a cap. 

Use: To decorate and protecting the nail plates also gives elegance and strength to the nails 

Directions: Take a piece of cotton soaked in nail lacquer remover and place it over the nail to remove the nail color. 

Evaluation Table:

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