Piperazine Citrate Elixir I.P.

Aim: To prepare Piperazine Citrate Elixir I.P. 

Requirements: Piperazine citrate, Chloroform, Glycerin, Orange oil, Mortar and pestle, Beaker. 

Theory: Elixirs are clear, liquid, oral preparations of potent drugs (like antibiotics, antihistaminics, sedatives, etc.) or unpalatable drugs. They are pleasantly flavored and usually attractively colored. 


IngredientsStandard formula
Piperazine citrate180 g
Chloroform Spirit5 ml
Glycerin100 ml
Orange oil0.25 ml
Syrup500 ml
Purified waterq.s. to 1000 ml


  1. Dissolve piperazine citrate in a small amount of purified water. 
  2. Mix orange oil, glycerin, syrup, and chloroform spirit. 
  3. Add a sufficient amount of purified water to produce the final volume.  

Category: Anthelmintic. 

Storage: Store in a well-closed container.

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