Platform Technology In Industrial Pharmacy

Note On Platform Technology

Platform technology is considered a valuable tool to improve efficiency and quality in drug product development. The basic idea is that a platform, in combination with a risk-based approach, is the most systematic method to leverage prior knowledge for a given new molecule. Furthermore, such a platform enables continuous improvement by adding data for every new molecule developed by this approach, increasing the robustness of the platform. The technology has distinct and differentiating competitive advantages. It can significantly improve the bioavailability of complex molecules due to its sub-micrometric size and adhesive systems for a higher time of contact to the skin. It is also flexible, encapsulating a broad range of active principles and its systems can be adjusted to achieve desired properties.

Platform Technology In Industrial Pharmacy

In addition, the technology is robust and versatile, with key features such as:

  • Chemical stability and solubility of the active molecule.
  • High drug loadings can be achieved.
  • High encapsulation efficiency.
  • Developed industrial process and scalability.
  • Stable, simple, and solvent-free technologies.
  • Reformulation of drugs near patent expiration.
  • Development of drugs previously thought impossible.
  • New administration routes for a variety of molecules.
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