Preparation of Liniments

Liniments are liquid or semi-liquid preparation meant for application to the skin.

  • The liniments are usually applied to the skin with friction and rubbing of skin (on the affected area).
  • The liniment may be an alcoholic or oily solution or emulsion.
  • In alcoholic preparation, alcohol helps in the penetration of medicament to the skin and also increases its counter-irritant effect and rubefacient action.
  • In oily liniments, Arachis oil is commonly used which spreads more easily on the skin.
  • Some lubricants may contain soap which helps in the easy application of liniment on the skin.
  • Liniment should not be applied on broken skin because it may cause excessive irritation.
  • Liniment contains medicament possessing analgesic action, rubefacient, counter-irritant properties and applied in joint pain, muscle pain, etc.
  • Should be dispensed in the colored fluted bottle.
Preparation of Liniments




Stored in a tightly closed container.


Turpentine liniment

Softsoap – 9 gm

Camphor – 5 gm

Turpentine oil – 65 ml

Purified water – q.s. to 100 ml

Note: Rubefacient: Dilates blood vessels.

Counter irritant: Causes superficial inflammation to cure deep inflammation.

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