Primary Health Center

Primary Health Centre: The primary health center is the basic functional unit of the public health services to provide accessible, affordable, and available primary health care to people. The corner point of rural health care facilities in primary health centers. The main building and three sub-centers comprise primary health care. There are 4 to 6 beds for patients and some diagnostic facilities are also available.

A population of about 30,000 in plain areas and 20,000 in hilly and tribal areas is protected by the community health service. The corner point of rural health care facilities is the primary health center.

Objectives of PHC

  • To make services more responsive and more sensitive to the community’s needs.
  • To offer the community comprehensive primary health care at Primary Health Centers.
  • To attain and sustain an acceptable level of quality of treatment.

Primary Health Center Setup

  • In Primary Health Center, patients directly contact or meet the doctor.
  • There are four to six beds for the patient.
  • Diagnostic facilities are available in PHC.
  • Primary Health Center consists of three sub-centers.
  • It covers a population of 30,000 in plain area and 20,000 in a hilly area.

Elements of Primary Health Care

  • The prevention and control of locally endemic diseases.
  • An adequate supply of safe water.
  • Supply of food and proper nutrition.
  • Treatment of common diseases and injuries appropriately.
  • Immunization against severe disease infections.
  • The provision of essential medications.
  • Maternal and child health, with family planning, included.

Principles of PHC

  • Health prevention and promotion.
  • The involvement of citizens in planning and implementing health services.
  • Inter-sectoral coordination.
  • Community participation.
  • Population health.
  • Affordable.
  • Appropriate technology.
  • Equitable distribution.
  • Health workforce developments.
  • To reduce exclusion and social disparities in health.
  • Organizing health services around the needs and expectations of people.

Functions of Primary Health Center

The functions of primary health care in India cover all “essential” elements of PHC.

They are:

  • Education about health.
  • Safe supply of water and basic sanitation.
  • Medical care.
  • Improvement in environmental sanitation.
  • Locally communicable disease prevention and control.
  • Collecting and reporting vital statistics.
  • Basic required laboratory services.
  • Training of health workers.
  • Nutritional services.
  • Basic Immunization services.
  • Referral services.

Staffing Pattern IN PHC

The new PHC set-up should have:

  • Medical Officer – 1 Pharmacist-1
  • Lab Technician – 1
  • Block Extension Educator – 1
  • Nurse-1
  • Health Worker (Female) – 1
  • Health Assistant (Male) – 1
  • Health Assistant (Female) – 1
  • Driver – 1
  • Health Workers – 4
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