Role of Pharmacist At Bed Side Pharmacy

Role of Pharmacist At Bed Side Pharmacy: Health authorities in countries like the UK, USA, believe that it is the responsibility of the pharmacist to take part in the activities going on around the patient; apart from dispensing of the drug.

In 1972, a survey was carried out by the Noel Hall working group in the UK and submitted a  report with a recommendation regarding the need for bedside services to public health.

Life-saving drugs like nitroglycerine tablets may be kept at the bed side if it is ordered by a physician. No more than 1 strip shall be left with the patient. 

Role of Pharmacist At Bed Side Pharmacy

  • A bed side pharmacist has to interact with nursing and medical staff.
  • A bed side pharmacist recommends advice regarding the alteration and uses of frequently used drugs to the medical and nursing staff.
  • He also gives his expert evaluation/suggestion on prescribed drugs.
  • In bed side pharmacy, pharmacists act as key members of an interprofessional team of physicians, nurses, and patients.
  • While serving as a bed side pharmacist, he works along with his capacity of compounding and dispensing drugs.
  • He facilitates others with the additional responsibility of drug usage and drug information.
  • A bed side pharmacist is essentially a drug consultant as he shares the healthcare responsibility with the physician.
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