Scope of Pharmaceutical Analysis

Scope of Pharmaceutical Analysis: Pharmaceutical analysis is a branch of chemistry, which deals with the process or sequences of processes to identify and/or quantify a substance or drug, the component of a pharmaceutical solution or mixture, or the determination of the structure of a chemical compound used in the formulation of a pharmaceutical product. 

Some specific uses of analysis are mentioned as follows: 

  1. The examination of raw material, in-process, and finished product. 
  2. Separation, determination, and quantitation of impurity. 
  3. To check the strength and concentration of the chemical compound. 
  4. Used for identification and characterization of chemical compounds.
  5. To determine the molecular weight of the chemical compound. 
  6. Used for structural elucidation of the synthetic compound. 
  7. Quantitative analysis of air, water, and soil samples is carried out to determine the level of pollution. 
  8. In farming, the nature of the soil and the level of fertilizer application is analyzed. 
  9. In geology, the composition of the rock and soil is carried out.
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