Six Sigma Concepts

Six Sigma Concepts Introduction:

Six sigma concepts are a principle for process improvement. Six Sigma represents the quality level that is implemented for reducing the operational costs in the pharmaceutical industry and serving the best customer satisfaction and services. Six sigma is symbolized as “6σ”. Six sigma is a statistical measurement of product variables. This concept helps to achieve stable and predictable process results with continuous quality improvement.

Six Sigma Concepts

Aim of Six Sigma Concepts:

The main aims of the six sigma concept are as follows:

1. Process improvement

2. Improved methodology

3. Improved quality

4. Customer satisfaction

5. Reduction in process variation

6. Reduction in costs

7. Fewer defects to achieve the goal

8. Continuous quality improvement

Six Sigma Process:

The concept is designed in the “DMAIC” process. DMAIC stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control.

1. Define: ‘Define’ is the first and more difficult step of the six sigma approach. The basic aim of this step is to define the problems and objectives. ‘Define’ explains the project goal, aim, difficulties, target magnitude, and period to achieve the improved process.

2. Measure: This is the process of collecting expected future data. The data will help to understand the magnitude of improvement and will answer either the expected improvement can be measured or not. The data is not necessarily quantitative.

3. Analyze: This process includes the analysis of the whole process and helps to understand the factors of influence. This is nothing but the analysis of raw data to establish a correlation between input variables and the possible output that implies critical quality attributes (CQAs).

4. Improve: The next step is an improvement of the process that has been outlined in the defined step to achieve the expected outcome and result. The principles, specifications, and process outflow selected in the first step should be improved and incorporated in the lifecycle with fewer defects.

5. Control: The improvement done in the last step should be retained and additional procedures may be included in the workflow.

Six Sigma Concept DMAIC
Fig: Six Sigma Concept: DMAIC
Six Sigma Process DMAIC
Fig: Six Sigma Process: DMAIC
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