Steps In Writing Report

Steps In Writing Report: A research report is written after the completion of research work. The different steps for writing a report are:

  1. Logical analysis and preparation of outline.
  2. Writing the rough draft.
  3. Listing the references and
  4. Preparation of final draft.

Presentation of research findings or writing the report is the part and parcel of the research project. It requires specific skills to present the research outcome impressively.

1. Logical analysis and preparation of outline:

This is the first step for writing the research report. Analyze all research findings or subject details in logical or chronological order. The logical analysis consists of designing the subject material from simple to complex structures. Chronological order is the best way for making something sequential in occurrence. Preparation of complete outline of the project is most important to remember and cover all important points in logical order. This is a step to decide the sequence and points which will cover in the final report.

2. Writing the rough draft:

A researcher should write the details of the project in a given format or self-designed format. It should cover the introduction, procedures used, analysis or statistical techniques, and outcome of the project in form of publications or patents. A final report should be corrected by a supervisor or an expert from the same field.

3. Listing the references:

List all the references used for research study directly or indirectly. It should cover references from books, journals, review articles, or conference proceedings. Follow the specific style of reference writing such as the Harvard system or Vancouver system.

4. Preparation of final draft:

Correct the rough draft very carefully and design the final draft for submission to the specific agency. The final draft should be in concise and simple form without any grammatical or spell mistakes. Diagrams, figures, charts, and examples must be added in the final draft because these are the most effective ways for communicating the research findings to readers. A research report should show the originality of the work and maintain the interest of the researcher. A research report is the final document of the researcher to be an attempt to solve some intellectual problem and must contribute to the solution of a problem.

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