Preparation of Turpentine Liniment

Aim: To prepare and submit 100 ml Turpentine Liniment. 

Requirements: Camphor, Turpentine oil, soft soap, distilled water, beaker, pipette, glass rod, measuring cylinder, etc. 

Theory: Liniments are thick, viscid liquids, emulsions, etc. They are intended for external application to the skin. They usually are applied with friction and rub onto the affected area. They are usually applied to the skin with friction. Turpentine liniment contains soap which helps in the easy application of liniment on the skin. They should not be applied to the broken skin because they may irritate it. The oily liniments are milder in their action but are more useful when massage is required. 


IngredientsStandard formula 
Softsoap9 gm 
Camphor5 gm 
Turpentine oil65 ml 
Purified water100 ml 


  1. Dissolve the camphor in turpentine oil in a dry container. 
  2. Separately dissolve soft soap in a small amount of purified water in a mortar. 
  3. To this gradually add the camphor solution with thorough trituration after each addition until a thick creamy emulsion is formed. 
  4. Add sufficient purified water to produce the required volume. 

Category: Counter irritant and rubefacient. 

Storage: Store in a well-closed container and keep in a cool place. 


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