Construction and Working of Cartridge Filter


The principle behind this filter is that water is pushed through a thin porous membrane in which pre-filter and membrane filter are combined into a single unit. As a result, the particles are retained on the surface.

Cartridge Filter
Fig: Cartridge Filter

Construction of Cartridge Filter:

  • It consists of a cylindrical configuration having disposable filter media which are made of plastic or metal. The filter consists of cartridges one of which acts as a prefilter while another one acts as an actual filter for filtration. The cartridges are enclosed in the holder. There is also provision for slurry inlet and filtrate outlet. At the bottom, discharge cake is collected which is removed from the bottom.

Working of Cartridge Filter:

  • The slurry is pumped into the cartridge holder through the inlet. It passes through a cartridge filter. The filtration occurs due to the mechanism of straining. The particles get attached to the surface while the clear liquid passes to the center. The filtrate moves up and collected through the outlet.
Cartridge Filter


  • It is used for the preparation of sterile solutions such as preparation used for parenteral and ophthalmic. The cartridge filter is also used in the water treatment plant.


  1. This is suitable for sterile operations
  2. Less chance of contamination Ease in disassembling.
  3. Ease in disassembling.
  4. Filter media can be reused.
  5. Cartridges with self-cleaning devices are advantageous.
  6. Cartridges are not brittle when they are dry.
  7. They are used in line with continuous filtration which reduces the handling of solutions.


  1. The cost of disposable elements neutralizes the labor-saving cost.
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