Preparation of Divided Powder

Aim: To prepare and submit divided powder. 

Requirements: Aspirin and paracetamol. 

Theory: Divided powder is divided into the prescribed number of doses and is given orally. Each dose (0.1–1.0 g) should be transferred to a powder paper. These are unit dose powders normally packed properly. 


IngredientsStandard formula
Aspirin300 mg
Paracetamol150 mg


  1. Weigh the calculated amount of aspirin and paracetamol. 
  2. Mix them thoroughly. 
  3. Weigh 450 mg of mixed powder. 
  4. Divide the powder into four equal parts. 
  5. Wrap in suitable size powder papers. 

Category: Analgesic and antipyretic. 

Storage: Store in a well-closed container and keep in a cool place.

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