Pharmaceutical Preparation of Lotions

Lotions are liquid preparations meant for external use without friction.

  • They are applied directly to the skin with the help of some absorbent material, such as cotton wool, gauze soaked in it.
  • Lotions are not applied to broken skin it may cause excessive irritation. The insoluble matter should be divided very finely for preparing lotions. Bentonite as a suspending agent is added to it.
  • It is applied for antiseptic action, astringent action, germicidal action

e.g., Calamine lotion.

  • Alcohol is sometimes included in aqueous lotions for its cooling and soothing effect

e.g., salicylic acid lotion.

Preparation of Lotions


Table of Contents

Lotions are prepared by triturating the ingredients to a smooth paste and then adding the remaining liquid phase with trituration.


It should be stored in a well-closed and airtight container.




Calamine lotion


Calamine – 15 gm

Zinc oxide – 5 gm

Bentonite – 3 gm

Sodium citrate – 0.5 gm

Glycerin – 5 ml

Liquid phenol – 0.5 ml

Rosewater – q.s. to 100 ml

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