Preparation of Mouth Wash

Aim: To prepare and submit 100 ml Mouth Wash. 

Requirements: Sodium chloride, Sodium bicarbonate, Sodium saccharin, Menthol,  Alcohol, Filter paper, Distilled water, Beaker, Pipette, Glass rod, Measuring cylinder, etc. 

Theory: Mouth washes are aqueous solutions with pleasant taste and odour. These are used to clean and deodorize the buccal cavity. They have refreshing antiseptic and antibacterial activity. They may also contain alcohol as a preservative, glycerin as a humectant,  synthetic sweeteners, and flavouring and colouring agents. 


IngredientsStandard formula 
Sodium chloride1.5 g 
Sodium bicarbonate1 g
Sodium saccharin250 mg 
Menthol200 mg 
Alcohol1 ml 
Purified waterq.s. to 100 


  1. Weigh all the ingredients accurately. 
  2. Add sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, and sodium saccharin together in a small amount of purified water in a beaker. 
  3. Dissolve menthol in alcohol in another beaker. 
  4. Mix the contents of both the beakers. 
  5. Stir it continuously. 
  6. Now finally make up the volume up to 100 ml with purified water. 

Category: Mouth freshener (antibacterial and astringent). 

Storage: Store in a narrow-mouthed, screw-capped, coloured fluted bottle. 


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