How do you prepare 0.1 M silver nitrate solution?

Silver Nitrate (0.1 M) 

Molecular formula: AgNO3 

Molecular weight: 169.87 

Preparation: Dissolve 17.0 g of AgNO3 in sufficient water to produce 1000 mL. 

Standardization: Weigh accurately about 0.1 g of sodium chloride, previously dried at 110°C for 2 hours, and dissolve in 5 mL of water. Add 5 mL of acetic acid, 50 mL of methanol, and 0.15 mL of eosin solution. Stir, preferably with a magnetic stirrer, and titrate with the silver nitrate solution. Store the solution in a well-closed container protected from light. 


NaCl + AgNO3 ⇌ AgCl↓ + NaNO3 

Factor Calculation: 

1 mole of AgNO3 ≅ 1 mole of sodium chloride 

1000 mL of 1M AgNO3 ≅ 58.44 g of NaCl 

1 mL of 0.1 M AgNO3 ≅ 0.005844 g of NaCl

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