How to Make Herbal Hair Gel?

Aim: To prepare, evaluate and submit herbal hair gel. 

Requirements:  Soxhlet apparatus, Filteration unit, Evaporator, Beakers, and Suitable container. 

Chemicals:  Ziziphus jujube leaves, Piper nigrum seeds, Hibiscus leaves, Ethanol, Coconut oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Methylparaben sodium, Glycerine, Polyethylene glycol  (PEG) and Carbopol 934. 

Formulation Consideration:  Hair is an imperative part of the human body. Various synthetic compounds, chemicals,  and their derivatives have been proven to cause destructive effects. Many herbal principles have been commended with hair growth-promoting action and formulating them into appropriate cosmeceuticals can be well acknowledged as far as patient compliance is concerned. The objective of the experiment is to develop a hair gel formulation with Black pepper (Piper nigrum) which is often used in Ayurvedic medicines and stimulates hair follicles causing growth, and with Hibiscus leaves extract which is known as a hair growth promoter and a hair conditioner as well. The formulations also contain Ziziphus jujuba leaves extract, which has been reported to possess antibacterial activity which makes it beneficial against dandruff and scalp infections. Along with extracts of Ziziphus jujuba and Hibiscus  leaves and Black Pepper seeds (3% w/w each) 

The herbal hair oil formulation is enriched with the nutrition of coconut oil, castor oil, and olive oil which has been traditionally used for maintaining the strength and health of hair. 


Sr.No.IngredientsQuantity GivenQuantity Taken 
1Carbopol 9342 gm  
2Methylparaben sodium75 mg  
3Hibiscus leaves extract3% 
4Black Pepper Extract3% 
5Ziziphus leaves extract3% 
6Glycerine03 ml  
7PEG6.25 ml  
8Distilled water q.s.1.5 ml 


Wash Hibiscus and Ziziphus leaf under the running water to remove contaminants; then dry under the shade, coarsely powder and extract discretely to exhaustion in a Soxhlet apparatus for 72 hours with ethanol (95%) as a solvent. Extract 10 gm of Black Pepper with  150 ml 95% Ethanol in Soxhlet Extractor for 2 hours. Filter the solution and concentrate on the water bath at 60°C. Add 10 ml of 10% alcoholic potassium hydroxide to the filtrate with incessant stirring. Filter and keep overnight. Concentrate the extracts using a rotary evaporator at low temperatures (40-50°C) and reduced pressure. Preserve the extracts in airtight bottles and keep them at 4°C until further use. 

Preparation of Hair Gel:  Prepare the hair gel formulation with a carbopol gel base. Disperse carbopol 934 in 80 ml of distilled water and add a precise amount of extracts and mix by agitating continuously in a  magnetic stirrer at 800 rpm for 1 hour. Add glycerin to the mixture under continuous movement to get the clear gel. 

Label: For external use only. 

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place. 

Packaging: In a wide-mouth plastic bottle. 

Use: To regenerate and nourish dull, dry, and lifeless hair. 

Directions: Squeeze a small quantity on the palm and gently apply it to the hair. 

Evaluation Table: 

Sr. No.TestObservations 
4Visual Appearance  
5Viscosity (Cps) 
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