Preparation of Invert Syrup

Aim: To prepare and submit 100 ml of invert syrup. 

Requirements: Sucrose, hydrochloric acid, distilled water, Beaker, Pipette, Glass rod, Measuring cylinder, etc. 

Theory: Syrups are the clear, homogenous, concentrated solutions of sugar dissolved in purified water. Syrups act as self-preservative as they exert high osmotic pressure due to the high concentration of sugar in them and they do not allow bacteria to grow. The hydrolysis of sucrose by boiling with mineral acid or by the enzyme invertase produces a mixture of equal molecules of D-glucose and D-fructose. Sucrose solution is dextrorotatory, but after hydrolysis it becomes laevorotatory. The hydrolysis of sucrose to D-glucose and D-fructose is termed inversion and the hydrolysis mixture is called invert syrup. The relative sweetness of sugars is sucrose (100), fructose (173), dextrose (74), and lactose (16). 


IngredientsStandard formula
Sucrose66.7% w/w
Purified water100 ml 
Hydrochloric acidq.s. 


  1. Prepare syrup of sucrose 66.7% w/w in purified water. 
  2. Add hydrochloric acid slowly with continuous stirring. 
  3. Neutralize the solution using sodium carbonate solution. 
  4. Identify the inversion of simple syrup to invert syrup by measuring the optical activity of syrup. 
  5. Take 1.0 g of syrup and dilute with 10 ml of distilled water and add 5 ml of potassium cupric-tartrate solution. A red precipitate is formed. 

Category: Vehicle and sweetening agent. 

Storage: Store in a well-closed container and keep in a cool place. 


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