Health Education

For the promotion of health-related activities, health education is an important part. These activities are done in schools, workplaces, and communities.

The behavior of individuals plays a vital role in the development of many health problems and influences the development of the nation. Health education is a professional and scientific field.

For community health, health education is an essential way to provide information about health due to which community or individuals use that information for their protection.

It changes the attitude positively and promotes and makes people aware of health-related issues.

Principles of Health Education

  • Motivation
  • Learning by doing
  • Interest
  • Participation
  • Community leaders
  • Good human relation
  • Feedback


1. Physical Health:

Physiological functioning of the body means physical health and an individual are considered healthy when all body is present at their natural place and position, doing their functions properly in the desired manner.

2. Mental/Emotional Health:

The way of thinking and expressing your feelings and thought means mental health and good mental health is developed by thinking positively and expressing yourself in a healthy way.

3. Social Health:

Social health means building relations with individuals, communicating with them, and having respect for them. 

Importance of Health Education

  • Increases the quality of life for all individuals.
  • Decreases premature deaths.
  • Physical development is essential for mental development.
  • Reduces mortality rate.
  • Brings positive attitude/behavior among people towards health.
  • Guides the people regarding the proper use of health services.
  • It helps individuals to make rational decisions to solve their problems.
  • Participation in health development programs.
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