Vitamins their Sources and Deficiency

Vitamins their Sources and Deficiency: Vitamins may be defined as organic compounds which are present in different natural foods. Vitamins are required for the normal growth and maintenance of good health and their deficiency can lead to various problems and conditions (Table).

Vitamins, their Sources, and Deficiency

Water Soluble Vitamins

VitaminSourcesWater-soluble Vitamins
Vitamin B1 ThiaminePulses, grain, cereals, nuts, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits.Beri-Beri.
Vitamin B2 Pyridoxine  Green leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, nuts, grains, meat, fish.Swollen tongue, purplish, smooth, and painful tongue, cracked lips, loss of appetite, sore throat, cracks, and redness at the corners of the mouth.
Vitamin B3 NiacinMilk, green leafy vegetables, fish, groundnut, legumes, tomatoes.Pellagra, vomiting, depression, indigestion, fatigue.  
Vitamin B4 AdenineWhole grains, honey, propolis, spirulina, aloe vera, berries.Anxiety, schizophrenia, CVS diseases, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease.
Vitamin B5 Pantothenic acidDried egg yolks, kidney beans, yeast, liver, mushrooms, and sunflower seeds.Low immunity, headache, fatigue, yeast, liver, mushrooms, and depression, insomnia, fading of hair color, burning sensation in lower legs and feet, pain in joints and muscles.
Vitamin B6 PyridoxinePork, chicken, peanuts, Nervousness, soybeans, wheatgerm’s, oats, bananas.Nervousness, weakness, sleeplessness, dermatitis, fatigue, irritability, premenstrual problem.
Vitamin B7 BiotinRed meat, milk, eggs, nuts, tomatoes, fruits.Depression, nausea, muscular pain, weakness, dermatitis, anemia, fatigue, confusion, lung infection.
Vitamin B9 FolateLiver, yeast, kidney, green vegetables, fruit juices, nuts, seafood, eggs, dairy products, meat, poultry.Irritability, loss of appetite, retarded growth, poor memory, diarrhea, confusion, problem in breathing.
Vitamin B12 CyanocobalaminAnimal products like; fish, eggs. meat, liver, kidney.Anemia, reduced development of intrinsic factor, blind loop syndrome in the gut, mouth ulcers, depression, irritability.
Vitamin C Ascorbic AcidCitrus fruits like; lemons and oranges.Scurvy, dental problems, swollen joints, fatigue, skin discoloration.

Fat Soluble Vitamins

Vitamin ABeef, pork, fish, butter, carrot, sweet potatoes, cod liver oil, shark liver oil, egg yolk, spinach, pumpkin, papaya.Night blindness, retarded growth in the young, liver disorder, xerosis (inflamed eyelids), xeropthalmia (blindness), cell keratinization.
Vitamin DSunlight, fish liver oil, shark liver oil, cod liver oil, egg yolk.Rickets, hair loss, muscle pain, hypertension, bone loss, joint pain, mood swings, excessive sweating.
Vitamin EEgg, liver, meat, fish, cottonseed oil, sunflower oil, cabbage, soya beans, wheat germ oil.Digestion problem, weak immunity. chest pain, nerve damage, muscular weakness, muscle pain.
Vitamin KMeats, cheese, eggs, leafy green vegetables.Blood in urine, blood in stools, bleeding gums, hemorrhage, heavy menstrual bleeding.
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