Preparation of Calamine Ointment

Aim: To prepare and submit Calamine ointment. 

Requirements: Calamine, white soft paraffin, etc. 

Theory: Ointments are semi-solid preparations meant for external application to the skin or mucous membrane. They usually contain a medicament or medicaments dissolved, suspended, or emulsified in the base. Ointments are semi-solid greasy preparations for application to the skin, rectum, and nasal mucosa. The base is usually anhydrous and contains the medicament in solution or suspension form. They are used for their emollient effect on the skin, fourth protection of lesions, and topical medication. 


IngredientsStandard formula 
Calamine15 g
  White soft paraffin85 g


  1. Weigh accurately all the ingredients. 
  2. Triturate the calamine powder with part of the white soft paraffin until smooth. 
  3. Add a gradually sufficient quantity of white soft paraffin to produce 100 g. 
  4. Gradually add simple ointment sufficient to produce 100 g. 

Category: Astringent, and protective. 

Storage: Preserve in a well-closed container, and protect from light.

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